Building Optaplanner Applications using the BRMS Business Central GUI: The Missing Guide

1 Introduction

A potential customer is interested in seeing how BRMS Business Central can help him build an Optaplanner (also known as Business Resource Planner) application using the GUI alone after I demonstrated to him the Optometrist rostering app based on the Nurse Rostering sample application.

Optometrist Rostering App
Optometrist Rostering App

I wanted to create a simple Optaplanner app so I picked cloud balancing. The problem statement for cloud balancing can be found here:

A sample implementation can be downloaded here:

However, the rules in the sample implementation are in native .DRL syntax. The customer wants to see everything created using Business Central GUI tools, if possible. This is the reason why I wanted to re-create this example using Business Central.

Please note that you have to add the “plannermgmt” and “kie-server” roles to you user login to Business Central in order to see the Optaplaner-specific GUI and manage the execution server. Continue reading Building Optaplanner Applications using the BRMS Business Central GUI: The Missing Guide

Docker 101: A Tutorial – Part 2

Here is part 2 of my docker 101 article published in the ODROID Magazine. ODROID Magazine is a free monthly e-zine featuring hardware and software articles related to the latest ARM and single board computer technology since January 2014. Although this tutorial is designed to run on the ODROID-C2 single board computer, all the commands that you learn apply equally well on INTEL-based machines running the docker engine. The commands are exactly the same. Once learnt and you can apply your docker command line knowledge to different environments including Linux, macOS, Windows and on a cloud host.

Part 1 discusses the classic docker run and other commands that build and run containers on a single docker host.

Part 2 (to be published in the December issue of the ODROID Magazine) describes docker swarm mode’s clustering and orchestration capabilities.


Click here to read my ODROID Magazine Docker 101 – Part 2 Article.