Migrating My WordPress Blog to a New Server

I was using my ODROID-XU4 CloudShell to run my WordPress blog (the blog site which your are reading now) and other services. It is speedy and fulfills the role well. The one thing I am annoyed about is the noise of the fan when it comes on. It gets to the point that I can no longer work in that room when the fan comes on. I have to do something. I happen to have several ODROID-U3s lying around since I replaced my ODROID-U3 cluster with my ODROID C2 cluster. The ODROID-U3 has a heat sink and no fan. I can run my WordPress blog on a SD card instead of a hard disk like that of the CloudShell. This article describes my journey in migrating my WordPress blog from the CloudShell to the ODROID-U3. I also created a replica for testing/backup on another fanless server using docker. I shall cover that in this article as well. Continue reading Migrating My WordPress Blog to a New Server