Using Docker Stack Deploy on my ODROID-C2 Cluster


Deploy a Stack to a Swarm

In a previous article, I deployed services in my ORDOID-C2 cluster using the Docker command line. It works but there must be a better way to do deployment especially when an application requires multiple components working together. Docker 1.13.x introduced the new docker stack deployment feature to allow deployment of a complete application stack to the swarm. A stack is a collection of services that make up an application. This new feature automatically deploys multiple services that are linked to each other obviating the need to define each one separately. In other words, docker-compose in swarm mode. To do this, I have to upgrade my Docker Engine from V1.12.6 that I installed using apt-get from the Ubuntu software repository to V1.13.x. Lucky for me, I’ve already built V1.13.1 on my ODROID-C2 myself months ago when I was experimenting unsuccessfully with swarm mode due to missing kernel modules in the OS I used at the time. See my previous article for more information on this. It is just a matter of upgrading all my ODROID-C2 nodes to V1.13.1 and I am in business. Continue reading Using Docker Stack Deploy on my ODROID-C2 Cluster

Running Docker Swarm Mode on My Facelifted ODROID-C2 Cluster


Around 6 months ago, I was experimenting with Docker swarm mode on my ODROID-C2 cluster consisting of 5 ODROID-C2s. Docker was running fine on a single machine using ‘docker run’ command but neither overlay network, routing mesh nor load balancing was working in the swarm mode. I tried using different versions of docker (1.12.x and 1.13.x) compiled on my ODROID-C2 to no avail as documented in a previous article. I also tried running Kubernetes on the ODROID-C2 cluster. Again I couldn’t get the networking part work. I suspected that the kernel was missing certain modules needed for Docker/Kubernetes networking. As the OSes at that time I tested were not stable enough, I stopped my experimentation on ARM-based machines. ¬†Instead I played with Openshift running on INTEL 64 bit machines as INTEL always has better support than ARM in any open source project. What rekindled my passion to get Docker swarm mode working is the hardware I have lying around not being used: an ODROID VU7 multi-touch screen and a VuShell for VU7. I wanted to make use of them to do some useful work. Continue reading Running Docker Swarm Mode on My Facelifted ODROID-C2 Cluster