About Mr. Dreambot

Mr. DreamBot is a pseudonym of Andy Yuen. Andy is a Middleware Solution Architect by profession. His interests include robotics, High Performance Computing (HPC), embedded systems and anything related to computing technology.

In his blog, Mr. DreamBot will describe his home projects, experiments on new middleware functionality, review high tech computing products, etc. In other words, he will write whatever he wants to write about computing technologies.

The pseudonym came about when Andy signed up for YouTube to upload some videos. He wanted to use a pseudonym. Owing to a typo, YouTube responded that the name he entered had been taken and showed some alternative names. One of them was Dreambot and so he called himself Mr. DreamBot ;-)

4 thoughts on “About Mr. Dreambot”

  1. I am super interested in creating an expandable NAS with some HC1s. I am an ECE and most of my experience has been with C and C++ and I am just now really getting into the single board microcomputers. Most of my experience is with Windows but am quickly learning Linux. I was turned on to GlusterFS for the odroid HC1 and just found your articles yesterday. I have not yet figured out how to use the VNC viewer in Windows to see and control one of the HC1s. Is there a web interface that works well with GlusterFS and the HC1s? I have 4 HC1s and plan on building an expandable NAS and hopefully find or create a web interface for it. Would you mind if I can pick your brain on this for a while?

  2. Hi Andy,

    I’ve been trying to install docker on my odroid c2 lately, unsuccessfully however. When attemption to install using docker.io I’m getting a not found. I tried different methods as well but without any luck (described here: https://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=136&t=29412). You don’t happen to have any advice on how to get docker working on an odroid c2? I’m fairly new to Ubuntu so I’m probably making a rookie mistake somewhere.

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