kafka Bridge


Are you a Kafka developer? If so, you are already familiar with Kafka’s Consumer and Producer APIs. For web developers, you may be more interested in a REST API. Now, Kafka Bridge, a component of Strimzi, provides you with a simple HTTP REST API that has the capability of the Consumer and Producer APIs for building Kafka client applications. Strimzi (https://strimzi.io/) is an open source project that provides a way to run an Apache Kafka cluster on Kubernetes in various deployment configurations. Red Hat’s AMQ Streams, Apache Kafka on Red Hat Openshift, the Enterprise Kubernetes Platform, is based on Strimzi. In this demo, I am going to explore the Kafka Bridge REST API with you. 

Kafka Bridge Capability
Kafka Bridge Capability

In this demo, I am going to show you how to use Kafka Bridge to send messages, creating a Kafka Bridge consumer, subscribe to a topic and retrieve messages including seeking to any offset position, resetting the offset, etc.

The demo environment used is Red Hat Openshift.

The Kafka Bridge documentation including the REST API can be found here: https://strimzi.io/docs/bridge/master/#api_reference-book

Hope you like this video! Cheers.