A Unusual MQTT, Kafka and Fuse Online IoT Demo involving a Robot

I am finding less and less time to pursue my passions these days. It is my pleasure to show you this unusual demo in which a robot’s movement is sent using MQTT and saved in a Kafka topic and then taken from the Kafka topic and saved in a file on a FTP site using Fuse Online integration. The file is then used as the source to playback the movements on the same robot using a small Java program.

Here is a diagram that describes the setup:

Mimic Movements
Mimic Movements

My Robot called MAX is described on hackaday.io:

Everything is running on my Macbook using the “oc cluster up” all-in-one Openshift cluster.

It consists of AMQ 7.1, Kafka and Fuse Online 7.1

You can find how to set up AMQ 7.1 in Section 3.2 of this document.


Build a Programmable Hexapod for Around 40 Dollars

Front View of the Hexpod
Front View of the Hexpod

I modified a toy hexapod crawler kit using the Texas Instruments MSP430 LaunchPad as the microcontroller for fun. A SR-04 Ultrasonic distance sensor has been added to the existing whiskers for enhanced navigation. The MSP430 is programmed using the Energia IDE, like the Arduino, based on the Wiring Framework. As a result, one can easily migrate existing Arduino sketches to run on the MSP430 or add new capabilities and behaviours to the robot using the familiar Arduino-like development environment. At present, the hexapod can either wander around using SR-04 and whisker navigation or follow the wall.

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